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Customized Homes: What Options Would You Include?

When you decide to build a home, it is very exciting. You probably have a lot of really cool ideas for what you want to do in your new home. There is a lot to consider from the layout to design finishes and so much more. Building your own home allows you to get really creative and add in all the features you really want. But it is important to make sure you make smart choices when it comes to customized design to make sure than you create the ideal home as well as maximize your investment.

These are our top construction features that you need to consider including.

  1. Custom shelving. Shelving can really change the look and feel of a room. You can create a bookshelf in the shape of an archway or a multimedia unit that fits perfectly into your living room space. Shelving is also a great way to increase your storage, especially in those rooms that need extra space. 
  2. Higher ceilings. A great way to open up a specific space is to add in taller ceilings. Even a two-inch higher ceiling can make such a huge difference in the look and feel of the room. A larger, more spacious looking room also creates a more luxurious space. 
  3. Mudroom. Mudrooms are really great additions to a home. They are a space you can walk in to and hang up your coats, take off your shoes and store items like your umbrellas, keys, and other everyday items. You can create a wall of cubbies or a closet-sized space, both will come in really hand on rainy or snowy days. 
  4. His and hers closets. Sharing closets is fine, if you really have to but why not create a space for you and your partner to store your own clothing. You might have to get creative to make enough space for two separate closets but with a little creativity it is possible.
  5. Cabinet lighting. Lighting in and under your cabinets can be incredibly useful when you used in your kitchen. Built in options are brighter and can create a better overall look in your kitchen. 
  6. Heated floors. Adding heated flooring to your bathroom adds a touch of luxury to your space and can be a game-changer when it comes to heating your bathroom. If you live in a cold climate then you can consider adding underfloor heating to other rooms in the home.
  7. Smart devices. Building a new home is the perfect time to create a smart home. You can install self-programmable thermostats, smart doorbells, door locks and more. This is great time to really customize your home to make it function easier and more efficiently. You can even invest in smart appliances in your kitchen, making life even easier for you.