Here you can keep track of our ongoing construction projects in Seattle area. This page is constantly updated with new photos and information.

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Over the years we have completed a variety of renovation projects in the Seattle area. Here you can see some of our select work with before and after photos.

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We have completed a number of different construction projects in greater Seattle area. This is the collection of some select work that where you can the entire process in photos from foundation to completement.

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On this special page we showcase our detailed renovation, here you can see the finished house elements ranging from patios and balconies to greatrooms and master bedrooms with aquariums.

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Deck and Balconies

This is a collection of decks, backyards and balconies we have completed through out the years.


We are dedicated to finish every detail on all of our projects. This is a collection of bathroom from variety of projects over the years that we have done.

Custom build home in Seattle

Custom build home in Seattle